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A. METAL TEST: Each and every metal be it casting, Bar, Rods, Sheets etc. are procured against specifications laid by the company which are advised by the concerned authorities and occasionally as advise by the Chief Engineers of various projects such as Hospitality Industries etc. Who are our end user's their opinion and advises are welcomed by the company from time to time their opinions/ rectifications are most important for us time and again.

B. TEMPER/HARDNESS: Since, special or specified materials are used there, hardness should also be maintained accordingly.

C. LUBRICANTS: Special grade of lubricants is used so that they don't expand at +45 celcius temperatue, so as to see that they don't loose their velocity, and retaining their strength. And under conditions like-7 celsius they don't freeze. In short huge temperature gap i.e. -7 celsius and +45 celsius it should perform normally. For which heat test and freezing test are applied regularly. Of course not on each and every piece but random sampling.

D. RIGIDITY TEST : Before pieces go to the finishing room rigidity test, single piece has to give at least 75,000 opening & closing.

E. ENDRANCE TEST: In this, again randomly a piece selected and put for Endurance Test by which it has to stop at any given point constantly under certain operating conditions so that the chosen angle of closer does not vary with the time.

F. FINAL HAND TEST: Each and every piece is hand tested thrice once before the paint shop, second after the final painting is done and lastly the final test before puting the piece in the Box.

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